Which Colour Representing You?


Half of July 2018 past. What have you done? I am improving my subconscious thinking. Working with my conscious mind now. Instead ofMonday BlueI will sayMonday Red” because Red colour can represent energizes and gives a warm feeling. 

Was reading an article from BodyMindSoul and one of the articles that attract me is “Color Bath To Wellness”. We often really take colour for granted. According to the author, there’s a reason why people are attracted to different colours at different times. Whatever colour we are attracted that day represent our feelings and emotions. 

There is an interesting chart which is called Charting a New You by Beatrice Lee. You choose which personality you want to embody and wear more of the colour associated with it. Very interesting. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 10.59.13 PM

I use the Chakra colours to come out with colourful stars. Life should be colourful. I am searching for a colourful life. Hoping to share a lot of colourful stories. Let the colourful star shine around the world. =)

Colourful star-01

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