Teaching of the Buddha


Was reading thru a magazine called Yogalife Magazine. There is one article about the “Teaching of the Buddha”. There are 21 ways to be practice and I decided to put it up in a artwork. Thanks to Freepik, I found a cute Buddha artwork that can be used.

Teaching of the Buddha-01

I am challenging myself now to post a positive article every day to set as a reminder for myself and also for sharing. I notice there is a lot of unhappy people in this world. I hope that by sharing all this positive artwork, it will be able to help a minimal percentage of unhappy people in this world.

Sometimes we are to attach with negative energy. That is one of the reasons why when there is a negative situation, we will notice it first and we get upset for no reason. There are so many beautiful things surrounding us. The truth has a way of always leaking out. Just be kind to all… When I reached home yesterday, there are a few dragonflies flying around my garden. I took out my camera and manage to snap a photo of one of them. Life should be colourful…


Have a great weekend..



2 responses to “Teaching of the Buddha”

  1. wabaisabiwithgaby Avatar

    Absolutely love this! Saving it!

    1. Ya. Very meaningful.. I love it too.. =)

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