Meaningful Rituals in Your Life


Ritual is more than a habit. It is something that you do intentionally not unconsciously. So if every morning you woke up and first thing you shout in your brain “ARH!! IS ANOTHER BAD DAY” then it will become a rituals in your life that everyday is another bad day. 


I have been training my conscious mind to think positively and never ever think about negative situation. Everyday will be a good day. Every morning I woke up with a positive mindset that today will be another great day. 

I read an article from Psychologies Magazine about How To Create Meaningful Rituals In Your Life. I think is very useful to share to everybody. 5 easy steps. 

How to create Rituals in Your Life

Every morning when I on the way to work, I tell myself that everyday is a beautiful day. So yesterday some negative thing happen, I tell myself today everything will resolved, we will definitely resolved it. While on the way to work, I stuck in traffic. Instead of feeling agitated I take this opportunity to relax in car looking at the sky. I found out morning sky is beautiful.

Morning Journey

At the end, I able to see a nice sky and I still manage to arrived office on time, and first thing when I arrived, I try to resolve the issue and take 1 step and a time. Matter managed to resolved smoothly and able to spare sometime before lunch to update and share my today’s positive feeling before I go for lunch. I am not letting my negative thoughts control my mind and control the rest of my day.

Have a great weekend..

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