Bad Experience With Garmin Forerunner 30


I always love to wear my sports watch.  I start wearing sports watch in the year 2013. Ever since sports watch was introduced, I never buy any other fashion watch again because I feel there are no functions in the fashion watch except knowing the time.

My first sports watch is Polar where I bought it in the year 2013. At that time, we still have to use the heart rate strap to monitor your heart during the workout. Is very troublesome because if I have forgotten to bring the strap then I will have to workout without monitoring my heart rate and calories. Then in the Year 2015, I bought new sports watch which is Fitbit Charge HR. I love it so much that I wear it everywhere until one day the strap has broken and I not able to replace with a new strap and I decided to try out another brand which is Garmin.

I bought my Garmin Forerunner 30 in December 2017. To my surprise, on March 2018 the watch strap detaches from the watch. I was shocked because this watch is only 3 months old. Immediately I send a message to Garmin Malaysia. They told me they are sorry and requested me to send back to their HQ to replace the strap. So my husband was on leave and he sends on behalf of me.


So after replacement, I continue using it. Another 3 months past and Garmin gave me another heart attack because this time the other side of the strap detaches from the strap. I was very very disappointed and angry at the same time. In 6 months time, I need to visit the centre to change the strap. This is too much. What is after another 6 months where warranty has expired? I have to pay for the strap than??


What makes me angrier is, this time I went there myself. I took a time off as in the morning I do not have an appointment. I gave the counter my watch informing them the strap need to be changed, they did not ask me anything and proceed filling up a form and told me that there will be charges. I told them is still under warranty, so he noted and went up and I was told to wait. After close to 45 minutes, the same person told me that I will have to come back another day to collect my watch. I was so frustrated and asked him the reason and he told me ” because the technician is not around“. AFTER 45 minutes you tell me that!!!  Excuse me, do you think I got nothing else better to do than waiting here for 45 minutes.

Is already very upsetting that my watch has to go in the factory for twice in 6 months time and this is the service I get. I understand that due to the festive holiday, there will be short of staff working but my question is you do not have to wait after 45 minutes only notice that your technician is not around to replace my strap? Normally, I will be very patient and I understand everybody has their weakness. However, this is really very unacceptable.

Seriously, this will be my first time and also last time using Garmin products. No more ever. After replacement, I will have to see what I can do with it. Very disappointed and doubt with their quality now. If I sell it 2nd hand, I feel bad for the next person. If I don’t sell it, is bit waste keeping in the drawer.

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