Because Nobody Is Perfect


These few days everybody has a relaxing weekend because is Hari Raya Festive and we have a long weekend holiday. As usual normally during a holiday I hardly go anywhere because is going to be crowded plus the school holiday has started too. The best place is to stay at home and spend time with my family.

Went back to my parent’s place to stay a night and came back earlier today to prepare to start work tomorrow. Manage to go for a run at the park near my house. When I arrived, the first thing that attracts my attention was a leafless tree. Around the park, all the trees have leaf except for this tree. It makes me feel that “Nobody is Perfect” even the tree.


Nobody is perfect and we always look at the negative side of everything. Just like this tree. If I will like to think very negative about it, it will be this tree is sick and is dying soon. This tree is very ugly. However, if I think positively, it will be, this tree is very special and outstanding. Among all the trees, this is the one attracted my attention. After a shoot and some minor Adobe Lightroom CC editing, it looks good.

Human behaviour, we always attract the negative energy first. We always look at the bad scenario. That is why there are so many unhappy people and suicidal case is increasing around the world. Why don’t we learn how to look at the good thing first instead of bad things because “Nobody is Pefect”.

Have a great day~~

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