Happiness during Simple Moment


June 2018-01

Time flies and is already 2nd week of June 2018. The Raya Festive is also this coming Friday. The road starts to slow down and not very busy. I manage reach office earlier. Therefore, I decided to update my blog before I start my work today.

Thanks to Freepik, while waiting for the road to clear up yesterday, I come out with my own June 2018 calendar artwork for my diary.  I am grateful that I didn’t waste my time in the road traffic instead I stay in office to explore and do research. A simple design of calendar that makes me feel happy. I left office with satisfaction feeling =)

I am grateful that I had a wonderful dinner with my husband yesterday. We had home cook food yesterday. I bought some clam from the market and my husband told me that he want to have steam clam. So using my mom homemade ginger wine, I managed to come out with delicious steam clam with homemade ginger wine. It feels good to eat at home at least we can have more relaxing session compare to eating outside sometimes is very noisy and hot.


Sometimes, simple life with a beautiful moment is better than having a luxury life but stress moment. Life is too short to always be sad and stress with unnecessary things.


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