Always Be Grateful


The other day, I read a news that a very popular American fashion designer Kate Spade suicidal. I am not a fan of Kate Spade but I am sad because there are so many suicidal cases due to depression. There are so many wealthy people around but in the same time, they are unhappy people too.

Today I browse thru Facebook before I wanted to update my diary, I found another headline. CNN’s Anthony Bourdain died and the scariest thing is due to suicidal. Owh gosh, seriously. Both wealthy & popular person died of suicide. That is why I always feel money is not everything. HAPPINESS is the most important thing.


I am grateful that I have the right mindset and I have a great superior who always give me a very good advice. I am grateful that I still able to able to be happy every day even though once a while I had a bad day, but I will tell myself that everything is going to be alright. This picture was taken at Gold Coast Surfers Paradise and it reminds me of  “have Peace of mind | give Love | be Happy”.


Tomorrow is another good day. Happy weekend everybody…

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