I was having lunch alone the other day in one of foodcourt near my office and because I was alone and all the table around is fully occupied, so there is one senior couple asked if they can share the table with me, I don’t mind actually so I told them to go ahead.

While I was eating, I notice this aunty is not in a good mood and she feels irritated. This uncle, he has ordered his food and while waiting for his food, he looks at his wife (I guess is his wife) and asked if he wanted some food or drinks. With her unhappy face, she just shakes her head and uncle feel agitated with her face. The whole lunch I only see this aunty feeling moody and agitated without uncle knowing what is the reason.

As a 3rd party, I feel irritated with the aunty actions. Her action makes me feel that she is very childish and she is absorbing negative energy into her relationship. I now understand how my the other half feels when I do the same thing.

I am grateful that ever since I know Master Sun Superlife SecretCodes and attended the “Because of Love 2” course, I learn to be considerate and learn to be a happy person. Never worried about the past and the future. I am learning to be considerate and learning to love my the other half more. I am loving my Mantraband as they are my daily reminder to live my life to the fullest. Wishing everybody to have peace, love and happiness. Be grateful for what ever we have now.



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