Welcoming June 2018


Welcoming June 2018 and today is TGIF.


Was reading thru an article before I kick start my office work,  “A 20-min Morning Routine For Weight Loss Success” from Curejoy. One of the steps is to use a Gratitude Journal. Use several minutes at the moment you are awake to write down what you are thankful for. With a happy feeling, your happiness hormones will affect your success rate of losing weight. Owh yes, I am one step closer to my losing weight plan now because I am practising this but I do it at night before ending my day.

The next step is Stretch. Ok, I did this as well but not very frequent because I will be rushing preparing breakfast for our doggy and I try to prepare something light for my husband because he doesn’t really like to have breakfast. I think I need to wake up earlier so that I able to practice this step.

Drink a glass of water when you awake. Opps, I always miss out this. The first thing when I am awake, I walk down to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. After everything is done, I will make a cup of Stolle Skim Milk before I proceed to shower. I think it should be alright I guess =P

Detoxify by Body Brushing. This one I never do before and I am not too sure how to do it as well. The last is had a good breakfast. Previously before I marry, every day I had a great breakfast, after marry, I only have milk and bread sometimes nothing only milk because MOMMMY IS NOT STAYING WITH ME ANYMORE!!!!

But, it still good, I had my skim milk in the morning and my happy stomach will not make noise till lunch time. Start my first day of June 2018 with my lovely Turquoise gemstone ring that will be a plus point for my happy mood today.


I am Grateful because today I manage to prepare a good breakfast for my husband and I reach office earlier to upload my blog. 


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  1. Nice article. Keep updating us with more information.

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