I Am Grateful~~~



Just completed my 2 days course at Penang Setia Spice. This course is asking everybody to be gratitude and be grateful for our life. The title of this whole course is “Because of Love”. Because of love, we are rich. Because of Love, the world is more colourful.

This course is more suitable for Chinese educated person but for those people like me who can speak and listen can also join this course because all you need is to understand Master Sun advice and write it down. I have been reading the book of Superlife Secret Codes . However, human, you always read but never really practice it. Guess I really need to repel and learn all the steps that taught by Master.


Sometimes, I always complain about my life, but after this course, I will really appreciate whatever I have existing now. After listening to some participants sharing, I have noticed that their problems are worst then mine. Mine is just very minor that I just need to learn how to resolve it instead of complaining. I am going to start my Gratitude Journal today onwards and be very persistent.

Grateful Msg

Grateful with all your support.

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