Bad Habit To Be Eliminate


Seriously time flies too fast that I not able to catch up sometimes. Half of the year flies and honestly like what happens every year, I wasted my half of the year complaining about myself. I know is because of my bad habit, laziness and low confidence that makes me become who I am today. I am pushing myself now and trying my very best to create a new healthy habit.

Today I woke up early at 6.15am. My usual habit is I will snooze off the alarm and I will fall back asleep thinking that I can have an extra 15mins sleep. End up I will wake up at 7.00am where I will rush to shower and prepare breakfast. Today I forced myself to off the alarm straight away and stand up went down the to kitchen to prepare breakfast to be brought to the office for myself (my husband is not a breakfast person so I will prepare a cup of water and vitamins) and our home doggy.

Then I browse YOUTUBE to search for a morning workout. I found this video which is 7 Minute Morning Workout. So I followed the video and is crazy of course even though is just 7 minutes but my head is spinning. I guess I am not used to it pumping my heart in the morning. Then while my head spinning, I make my milk and go for a quick shower.

Today is just the 1st-day. Tomorrow I will force myself to do the same thing. I need to stop giving excuses to myself now. Life is too short to be complaining about my life.


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