Clary Sage Oil Safe My Day


Yesterday is the first day of Ramadhan, therefore after work, the road will be freaking busy and yesterday heavy rain so most of the road is flooded. I decided to stay back in office to complete some outstanding work instead of stuck on the busy road.

Once I reached home is about 8.30pm. Feeling very tired and exhausted. Went to the bathroom, then I notice my “ladies problem” visited me. Gosh! what a day. After changing, I went down to prepare dinner. My poor hubby is hungry and I am hungry too.  I know we can eat outside, but because is late and both of us are tired, so we decided to have simple dinner.

While preparing dinner, I suddenly realise that before I married, I never have to worry about dinner because dinner is always ready no matter how late I OT. I guess this is life. You need to learn how to be independent and learn how to increase your EQ at this down moment.

I am thankful that on such a bad day, I have clary sage essential oil with me. With the menstrual discomfort and tired and exhausted feeling, they manage to calm my mood down. I had a great simple with my hubby and after dinner, we went back to our room to rest. After a shower, I apply my Clary Sage again and prepare to sleep. Today I am awake still feeling bit tired, but is not as bad as yesterday. =)

Clary Sage Essential Oil.jpg


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