Back To Reality To Do List


Yes, after having a very long break, tomorrow I will have to start working again. Once I touch down Malaysia, I on my working phone, I see a lot of messages from my office. Suddenly I feel like I need another round of holiday >.<“

I know, this intention is bad because it shows that I am running away from reality.  So I decided to sit down quietly and calm down myself before I start replying all the messages. Whenever I travel, I will always take one-day additional leave so that I able to settle and calm down my holiday mood. What I do?

  1. Go thru all the messages and reply one by one (those not urgent, inform that I will be back office the next day and will revert soonest).
  2. List down priority TO DO LIST which is urgent.
  3. Put my office phone in silent after planning all the TO DO LIST.
  4. Go for a jog.
  5. Read, Read, Read. Reading broadens the mind!
  6. Shower early and prepare Relaxing Essential Oil Diffuser.
  7. Apply Mask to pampered my skin.
  8. Rest early and prepare for tomorrow!

relaxing blend

So, I have done step 1 to 5 now. Will continue step 6 to 8 soon. So bye…

Have a great day =)

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