May 2018 Arrived


May 2018 arrived quite fast. In a split second, 5 months of the year 2018 already pass. I have been reviewing myself. I constantly ask myself what have I achieve to date and what have I done from January 2018 – May 2018. There is, of course, something that I have done which I have regretted and I wish I did not do it, but I have already done it, so now, I still have to move forward. I need to learn my mistake and be positive. Keep smiling and move forward.

웃어 주세요! 내일이 있으니까.

(please smile! tomorrow is another day)


I am very tired today. Maybe because lack of sleep and I am upset with certain people’s attitude. Some people are like an idiot. They just take for granted on your kindness. Don’t they know that my kindness towards them is very expensive? Is because I care. I need something to relax. I guess I will need to diffuse Relaxing today at night.

Frakincense Diffuser Blend

Happy Thursday~~~

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