Don’t Worry Be Happy Essential Oil


I am reading a book written by Andrew Matthews. The title of the book is Happiness Now. In the books, it says that one of the reasons why people are always not Happy is because they always have high expectations. They expect everybody to think like themselves, they expect for returns. In order to be happy, you have to change your expectations.  Which is very true. I always expect people to be kind, be generous and be appreciative. However, when people don’t do it, I feel very upset and unhappy.

I am learning ways to let it go now. Sometimes let it go and expect less will make life more relax and happy. Found some of the quotations which are very interesting where it can also be set as a reminder to people who are always unhappy =)

Life is short so don’t worry and be Happy~~~ Happiness is created by us.. Blending happy essential oil tomorrow~~

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