The Anti Aging Serum


I am trying to reduce my expenses on unnecessary things. I was just thinking that I should start saving for my retirement and learn to live minimalist now. However, I still need to ensure that I look good. Sometimes, I really need to learn to love myself more.  Once in a while I do feel unfair as some people really take for granted on my kindness. I do feel disappointed sometimes. I learn to let it go and pray for a better day.

So, in order to look good and in the same time take care of my pocket, I learning and exploring DIY anti aging serum using Essential Oil. I got this recipe from OGT. The only different is she uses Rosehip Seed Oil but I used Jojoba Oil in this recipe. Owh ya, she uses Cypress essential oil but I used Frankincense essential oil (because I do not have Cypress oil currently). Reason why I use Frankincense is because this King of Oils able to helps reduce the appearance of skin imperfections but OGT uses Cypress where is helps to kill bacteria on the skin, and is used to treat sores, pimples, pustules and skin eruptions. So, I guess both oil has their own strength.


So far I have been using it for 3 days. Feeling good because there is lavender and Geranium smell in the serum =) Try it out. Is natural and cheaper quality serum 😊

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