KLCC Shoot (Photoblog)


Today after I attended some talk about your birth gemstone at Shangri-La hotel, I decided to walk to KLCC while waiting for my husband to pick me from Jalan U-Thant. This is the first time I feel like I am a tourist and I have a chance to view how beautiful our KLCC are. All this while we were in the car and we have overlooked the details of this building. As usual, I have a habit when I am having a walk, I will look up the sky hoping that I able to absorb a positive energy since I had a very bad day yesterday. When I looked up, I took out my camera immediately (my Sony A5100) and snapped a photo of this iconic building and I loved it.

I love the original version of this KLCC shoot. However, I also like the version I edited using Adobe Lightroom CC as well. It feels so futuristic. Feels good to end my Friday with a good walk and good picture.


before Adobe Lightroom CC




After Adobe Lightroom CC


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