Ferris Wheel @ China (Photoblog)


I was going thru which picture I wanted to edit today with my favourite Adobe Lightroom CC and I found this image where I captured when I visit China with my family a few years back. I never sit on such Ferris wheel before. The one I sat is a very small scale, our local fun fair Ferris Wheel. One day if I have a chance, I will love to experience it.

I am having a complicated feeling these few days. Feeling very tired. However, I tell myself not to give up and always remember to LIVE WITH PASSION! So I decided to use this picture and strengthen the colour of the sitting box by adjusting the color mixer to make it more colourful. As usual, I love blue sky, so I make the sky more bluish by reducing the temperature. Below is the before edit and after edit. Which one you prefer? =)


Before Adobe Lightroom CC



After Adobe Lightroom CC


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