China National Tea Museum (Photoblog)


I am learning how to use Adobe Lightroom CC. I always like to take a photo of greenery, building and nature. I think I started falling in love with photography in the year 2014 where I bought my Nikon D3300. However, I think because of my busy working schedule and also too much complain about my life, I have forgotten and overlook on my interest.

I almost forgot that I have subscribed Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop & Lightroom. I lose myself in the negative world. Until today I saw an email from Adobe System and the subject is about “Your Passion Your Story Photo Contest“. Is a photo competition organised by Adobe collaborated with Jeryl Tan – or  @smilewithjeryl on Instagram.

There is where I click in and I realise how many photos I have taken but I just leave it aside. So I take this opportunity to go thru some of my old photos and decided to share this photo where I have taken in the year 2014 at China, Hang Zhou Tea Museum. I love this photo because I like the feeling of the teapot surrounded by greenery.

This 1st image is original photo before edit and the 2nd photo is after edited with Lightroom CC. Indeed, the photo looks more attractive after editing and the teapot looks more vibrant now.


Before editing



After editing with Lightroom CC


Some Cantonese will always relate trouble with teapot because in the Cantonese teapot is called “cha pou” = Trouble. I know I have a lot of unnecessary trouble where I am currently facing, but I believe as long as I continue searching, I will be able to resolve all the trouble.

Thank you #AdobeSystem for sending me a reminder, because of your email, I awake from the zombie world. I miss my freedom so much. I just need to adjust my timetable to be able to get back my freedom.

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