My Healthy Breakfast (Photoblog)


Chinese New Year holiday has ended. Have a long holiday this year. Firstly is to celebrate Chinese New Year with my family. Another reason is to sit down and to peace my mind and search for my Passion. I did not manage to found one, but at least I have a little bit of direction where I want to go. Start my work with my crystal healing bracelet #LiveWithPassion. No more complaining, no more tomorrow. No more waiting. I am the voice of myself and I will be the Leader of myself =)

Peace Of Mind and Live With Passion

Today I start my Monday with healthy food and also a healthy book. I have been drinking Lanfar Stolle Skim Milk for some time, but I skip once in a while because I kind of get bored with the taste. Is just normal milk taste. Since I have decided to eat healthy starting from today onwards, So I think I will like to explore healthy food preparation and journal down my journey of becoming a healthy person.

So I am pretty determined to continue drinking my Lanfar Stolle Skim Milk because this milk provides 26 specific types of antibody and 3 functional factors, maintaining the normal functions of immune systems. So I decided to add additional healthy ingredients in the milk.

I added 1 spoon of chia seed, 1 spoon of oat and an apple (I peel of the apple skin before soak in the milk because I cannot guarantee the wax is 100% being removed even after several washes). Keep in refrigerator for 1 day. Tadaa~~~ Loving my breakfast now…


So, after breakfast is time to prepare my to-do list for today~~~

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