Healthy Lifestyle with Garmin Forerunner 30


Few more weeks to go and 2017 will be on our “throwback” list. In the year 2017, I have been through a lot of challenges. Good and bad memories. Good memories, of course, is after 11 years of dating, I’m married to my boyfriend which is also my husband now. That will be the best in the year 2017. I will avoid listing the bad one because I want to avoid negative energy on this blog.

One day, my husband told me that he wanted to start his own business. Asking what is my opinion and I told him, as a wife, I will fully support you because life is too short to be wasted without trying on things that you feel like doing it. To me, I always live a very simple life. Simplicity and minimalist is always my style. That is why, even our wedding dinner, I ensure is the simple dinner with only families and very close friend is invited. Small and simple wedding dinner with only 28 tables.

Now after the wedding dinner, with less commitment, I told him to plan out his business plan and I will support him when he needed. To me, having own business is never in my mind because I never like the business world.

So, while still planning, we feel that we still need to ensure our lifestyle is healthy if not we will not be able to sustain long because doing business you need a lot of positive energy and positive mindset.

There is where we decided to get sports watch to monitor our fitness. Garmin Forerunner 30 for myself and Garmin VivoActive 3 for my husband. Both watches are new on the market. Forerunner 30 cost RM699.00 and VivoActive 3 cost RM1,399.00. Forerunner 30 is more for monitoring your fitness level. As for VivoActive 3, it has more functions.

I wanted a watch just to monitor my fitness level that is why I choose Forerunner 30. Forerunner 30 is a cheaper version of Forerunner 35. Of course, in terms of spec, Forerunner 30 will have fewer functions but is good enough for me.

  • Screen size: 0.93-inch diameter
  • Touchscreen: No
  • Battery life using GPS: 8 hours
  • Battery life in watch mode: 5 days
  • Onboard storage: 7 activities
  • Bluetooth connection: Yes
  • Smartwatch capabilities: Yes
  • Multisport: Running / Cycling
  • Inbuilt heart-rate monitor: Yes

I will just show you how the Garmin Connect data looks like for Forerunner 30. You have all the basic information you needed to monitor your fitness.  So is good enough for me to start my healthy lifestyle. =)

For VivoActive 3, they are using the same Garmin Connect apps, same data, but maybe with more activities like swimming, cycling, running and many more. So I will stick with the simple version sports watch to avoid a headache because I am using is just to monitor my fitness level of running.

As usual, simplicity and minimalist is always my style.

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