Lunch @ Kiku – Zakura


Busy with work after my wedding. That is why have not been updating my Kittypiggy blog. My life has been busy because I was busy with work and also busy getting used to my new life. In addition, busy building my husband business.

That day after he met up with his client, he drops by my office to have lunch with me. We decided to go to Great Eastern mall to have lunch. Wanted to eat at the food court but most of the counter is closed. I guess they are close at weekend. So we change our lunch location to Kiku-Zakura which is a Japanese restaurant.

Did not try before because when I visit Great Eastern Mall I always eat food court. So we decided to give a try. The concept is like Rakuzen, they have set lunch as well. The pricing is a bit higher compare to Rakuzen.

The Appetizer already cost RM26.00. Is nice but I feel is not so worth it. The Green tea standard is RM2.00 per cup and is refillable.

This Saba and Sushi set taste good. Soup is nice, is just that I feel weird the salad they gave is Thousand Island salad dressing. Normally Japanese Restaurant salad will come with Sesame salad dressing. So the salad is out. This whole set is RM28.00. Still reasonable to me.

This Beef Bento, my husband says is nice as well. Same, the salad spoils everything. This bento cost RM48.00. Not so bad because is beef.

The price stated is not nett. They charge 6% gst and also 10% of service charge. Service is good, before order, they will provide you with a warm towel to wipe your hand. After you finished, they provide you warm towel again to wipe your hand as well. Service wise is good.

Time flies, tomorrow is Monday again. So instead of complaining Monday Bluez, I decided to start doing planning for tomorrow.

Happy Sunday~~

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