Happiness Is About Forgiveness


Is Monday today. The new week has started.

Yesterday I had spent my time trying to complete my Hello Kitty Crystal DIY puzzle. Of course, I did not manage to complete it. It takes a lot of time and patient in order to complete it. Is a good training to train my patient. There after, I logged in to my Facebook account to check on some updates. I notice this image which I have shared 2 years ago on Facebook. Not sure I get this image actually.

This sentence “The best revenge is always to just move on and let karma do the rest“. If a few months ago, I will have no doubt about this sentence. However now, I start to question this sentence. Is this a good advice or not a good advice.

I asked one of my senior which I am very close with if this is a good advice. Immediately she told me actually is a bad advice. The reason is, in order to be a good person with true happiness, you should not even think about revenge. You should forgive and move on. Both of us are learning to be a good person. Learning to be a happy person. Most important is we both are learning how to Love and be Gratitude. So I decided to use Canva.com  to note down this advice.

The world is big, we should not stay in unhappiness and live with unhappiness. As what Master Ted Sun says You need to be like a fully recharged battery, always energized with a sense of self-competence to avoid being influenced by external forces beyond your control.”

Let’s be happy together. Have a great Monday..

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