Biotherm Facial Products (photoblog)


Replenish my facial products. Pampered myself with something more useful compared to having branded bags shoes.

I don’t spend more branded material but I do spend more on the facial. Of course branded bags and shoes I can show to the whole world, but I don’t need to show what ever I have to the whole world. No one will want to know what I have also.

The facial product will allow me to have healthy skin and healthy life style so that I can be happy every day. If I make a comparison of having healthy skin VS having a branded bag, I realise healthy skin will have more advantage. Of course, those products are not cheap. I guess the whole set above is about RM1,000.00, but if I think for long term, I guess it’s worth it.

I have been using Biotherm for 6 years. There are two things that I will want to request from the company one day if possible. First, is to arrange a recycle bin at each counter. Those bottles are beautiful and it will be too wasteful to be throw away. Second, I will prefer those cream type product to be inserted in the squeeze type packaging so that towards the end, It will enable me to cut it into half and really empty the products before dispose of it. That will avoid wastage.

So, I feel that a bag I can buy a new one anytime, but unhealthy skin I will not be able to repair and buy a new one if is destroyed. So might as well appreciate and be grateful for what I have and take good care of it.

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