One True Love by Barbara Freethy



A new month has arrived and a new weekend arriving. Time flies too fast that sometimes I not able to catch up. I just finished another book of Barbara Freethy, One True Love.

I know this story is a fiction story, but it really touches my heart and I feel being in love. This story is about how a heart broken girl who run away from facing the reality after a very bad incident happened 8 years ago. Leaving behind her family and her husband or ex-husband to a city and have become a corporate lady with her own career and a new boyfriend who is older than her about 20 years old.

When I finished reading this book, I suddenly thought of this quote “True Love Will Always Find A Way To Come” because nobody how Lisa run away from facing the reality, true love will lead her to the path where she supposes to be. True love, lead her to come back to her true love and family.

Sometimes, you can also learn from a fiction story book. They might be fictional, but there is always a learning lesson that you can pick up from the whole story. To me, Lisa story makes me think about myself. Have a been facing the reality or just always running away from it. I never know myself, I never know what I want and I never have a direction for my life.

And LOVE leads me slowly and step by step to the correct direction. I fall in love with my fiance once again. We both are learning how to love each other and how to be open to each other. Nobody is perfect. We all have weaknesses. However, both of us is learning how to love each other. I am glad that we both did not give up during our hard time. Few more months, it will be our 11 years anniversary. I think we need to plan for our anniversary’s honeymoon.

Bought Barbara Freethy e-book at Amazon for $2.99. Love my Kindle so much.



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