Cruel Society!

안녕하세요 What happens to our society? I really feel that we are surrounded by negative energy. The society is full of negative people who release the negative energy around. That is why the negative energy has overtaken the positive energy. Recently my fiance faces some challenges at his working place. When he was telling me... Continue Reading →


You Are The Master Of Your Destiny

안녕하세요 Good morning Monday. Start my week with positive quotes. Do not blame others for your own misfortune. You are the master of your destiny.  Some people without the right mindset, they only want to gain sympathy from others by complaining to others about their problem instead of truly resolving them. Bad energy will circle... Continue Reading →

Happiness Is About Forgiveness

안녕하세요 Is Monday today. The new week has started. Yesterday I had spent my time trying to complete my Hello Kitty Crystal DIY puzzle. Of course, I did not manage to complete it. It takes a lot of time and patient in order to complete it. Is a good training to train my patient. There... Continue Reading →

Biotherm Facial Products (photoblog)

안녕하세요 Replenish my facial products. Pampered myself with something more useful compared to having branded bags shoes. I don't spend more branded material but I do spend more on the facial. Of course branded bags and shoes I can show to the whole world, but I don't need to show what ever I have to... Continue Reading →

One True Love by Barbara Freethy

안녕하세요 A new month has arrived and a new weekend arriving. Time flies too fast that sometimes I not able to catch up. I just finished another book of Barbara Freethy, One True Love. I know this story is a fiction story, but it really touches my heart and I feel being in love. This... Continue Reading →

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