Life Quotes


Don't allow someone to make you feel that you're not good enough!

My fiance is telling me that his superior is abusing his mental. I was shocked when he told me. I always hate the corporate world, that is why I always walk away from people who are playing the corporate game. To me, I am working because I need to earn money and I am a hunger for knowledge too. Not necessary to be the top in the company but to be top for my own life.

He is telling me that every day his superior will be picking him, telling him he is not good and not doing well. Even though the mistake is not by him, it will become his problem too. He tries to ignore and move on, but recently he is feeling very tired. He told me he worries he will lose his confidence if he continues staying in the company. I guess his superior is indirectly abusing him. Mental abuse.

My advice to him is, move on even without getting a new job because if he continues being mentally abuse, he will lose more confidence. I’m not too sure it will be a good choice but is better than being abuse indirectly. Is there any way I able to help him to feel better? I wish to learn more.

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