Living Minimalist Lifestyle


I am starting to practice living minimalist now. I am eliminating my weakness where I love buying things which are short term satisfaction. The reason for buying is because the items might be cute, elegant or are on hits currently.  Recently I have been reading a lot about living minimalist and living a simple lifestyle. It will bring more happiness to me because I will not be complaining about my life because my life is perfect.

I realise I have lots of unused items and most of them are in brand new conditions. Instead of keeping it in the cabinet, I have made a decision to sell it off those items online. I feel that it will be better than these cute items being kept in the cabinet. I have opened an account with Carousell and Shopee.

Both websites allow the user to buy and sell items. So is like 2 in 1 apps. Is very easy to use and also east to register. You will just need to verify your email once register. For shopee, you can register by using the mobile number. I first registered using mobile number for shopping. So, recently I have updated my email in the account so that buyer can contact me if they have any inquiry. Both of my shop name is Kittypiggy1988


Shopee Desktop View



Carousell Desktop



I am finding time to search for my cute treasure out for sale. Stay tuned for more~~

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