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Don't allow someone to make you feel that you're not good enough!

My fiance is telling me that his superior is abusing his mental. I was shocked when he told me. I always hate the corporate world, that is why I always walk away from people who are playing the corporate game. To me, I am working because I need to earn money and I am a hunger for knowledge too. Not necessary to be the top in the company but to be top for my own life.

He is telling me that every day his superior will be picking him, telling him he is not good and not doing well. Even though the mistake is not by him, it will become his problem too. He tries to ignore and move on, but recently he is feeling very tired. He told me he worries he will lose his confidence if he continues staying in the company. I guess his superior is indirectly abusing him. Mental abuse.

My advice to him is, move on even without getting a new job because if he continues being mentally abuse, he will lose more confidence. I’m not too sure it will be a good choice but is better than being abuse indirectly. Is there any way I able to help him to feel better? I wish to learn more.

Is Monday, Lets Move On~~


Is Monday. Starting my Monday with positive energy. No more complaining. Plan my time well in order to create my colourful life journey. Bringing my Kindle everywhere so that I can start my day with a wonderful story book. Currently, I am reading One True Love by Barbara Freethy.

I always love to reach office earlier. So that I able to spare some time to read before beginning the day with hectic work. I found a nice spot to read. Reading next to the swimming pool.


Relaxing and Fun Reading


Before I start my work, my fiance sends me the below post. Is a good read. Reminding me not to waste my time anymore. Be grateful and love with what ever I have now.

Life is too short to be wasted with complaints.

Fifty Shades E-Book


Is Monday today and I am stuck outside the office due to access card system down. So instead of complaining Monday blue and starting a day with negative thinking, I choose to do something meaningful. First, harvest my smurf village and thereafter, update my lovely colourful life blog.

I just finished reading my Fifty Shades books. Guess what, I am so in love with this book. I didn’t know about Fifty Shades until my friend was telling me about it and they told me I have to read this book. They call it a porno novel because is full of sexuality section when you read it they say you will feel sexy.

I went Amazon Kindle and coincidently they have bundle sales with the price of $15.59. The review written wasn’t in Amazon is 50/50. Good and bad review. So as usual, with just 1 click, I have it in my beloved Kindle. Is true, this novel is full of sexual line and is so deep that you do feel it. I don’t feel it horny, what I mean I feel in love.  Is all about loving a traumatic partner with full of patient, honestly, compromising and learning together.

Love is complicated, but if both parties are not putting an effort in loving each other, the “happily ever after” will not happen. The feeling is so sweet because is show how Cristian Grey protecting his girlfriend Ana. How he feels jealous when there is another guy happen to go after Ana as well. Forget about the “submissive” thingy, I just know about this “submissive” world. Of course, in this world, nothing is perfect. In this novel, it seems everything is so perfect. That is why it is a fiction book.

Fifty Shades E-Book On My Kindle

After reading this novel, then only I got to know there is a movie acted base on the novel. So went to check on google to see if there is any free online streaming and surprisingly there is. You can steam it at Watch Your Favourite Movie Online. Of course, the movie version is not as detail as written in the book. So, is really full of detail sexuality scene that I don’t think is a good idea to watch it in public and together with your children. haha. You can watch it alone (I watch it alone) or with your partner (I will see if my partner wants to watch with me or not).

I will say is more for relaxing your mood with love story. Try not to go into it because this is fiction story, not a real story. Out of five, I will rate this novel and movie four.

Happy Monday

Living Minimalist Lifestyle


I am starting to practice living minimalist now. I am eliminating my weakness where I love buying things which are short term satisfaction. The reason for buying is because the items might be cute, elegant or are on hits currently.  Recently I have been reading a lot about living minimalist and living a simple lifestyle. It will bring more happiness to me because I will not be complaining about my life because my life is perfect.

I realise I have lots of unused items and most of them are in brand new conditions. Instead of keeping it in the cabinet, I have made a decision to sell it off those items online. I feel that it will be better than these cute items being kept in the cabinet. I have opened an account with Carousell and Shopee.

Both websites allow the user to buy and sell items. So is like 2 in 1 apps. Is very easy to use and also east to register. You will just need to verify your email once register. For shopee, you can register by using the mobile number. I first registered using mobile number for shopping. So, recently I have updated my email in the account so that buyer can contact me if they have any inquiry. Both of my shop name is Kittypiggy1988


Shopee Desktop View



Carousell Desktop



I am finding time to search for my cute treasure out for sale. Stay tuned for more~~