The Spirit Of the Beg-Packers


I was reading an article where one of my friends shared on Facebook. The article is reviewing negativity about the Beg-Packers who are begging for pocket money in order for them to travel around without money. When I was reading thru, in the same time, I was thinking, is it bad for beg-packers to beg at the roadside for extra income?

Honestly, I don’t think is so bad to the extent to have an article about how shameful they are to beg for pocket money in order to travel around. In the article, they mentioned that “Poverty, sickness and pure survival – just a few reasons why genuinely needy people beg on the streets for money”. But some needy people, they aren’t doing anything while begging.

Some beg-packers performing their skill while begging. Hey, is like an artist, they are entertaining you. Servicing you. They are not even forcing you to give them money. If you are willing to support their travel around the world without money spirit, just donate and support. If you are not, just don’t bother and walk away.

I honestly like the idea of printing the photo which was taken while travelling around on a postcard and sell it. To me I don’t think is begging. They are selling an item to you. If you like it, you buy it, if you don’t just walk away.  What is so shameful about it. Nobody is forcing you to give them money.

I personally feel that they are very bold. It takes a very huge and bold courage to travel without money. I won’t have the bold spirit like them of course and actually, I am kind of envy with their bold spirit. At least are not robbing and killing for money.

Just my personal opinion actually. Everyone deserves the right to be treated well. Beg-Packers are actually my idol because I am learning to live minimalist while reading their adventures journey. Hopefully one day I can be bold like them.

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