Australia Work & Holiday Program 2017/18 (I have miss the boat)


Today I have learned my lesson. Attitude is really everything.

I have missed the opportunity to apply for the work and tour visa for Australia because of my “I will wait for tomorrow” attitude. Taking my own sweet time to wait for tomorrow where I have a lot of time to prepare. I was supposed to apply for the Certificate of Good Conduct (CGC) at the portal. I did not do it and wait for tomorrow.

While waiting for tomorrow to arrive, I received updates on Facebook the work and tour visa application is now open and I have yet to apply my CGC certificate where it will take 1-2 months to approve. I don’t think I will be able to make it anymore for this time round because there are only 100 visas distributed. Work & Tour Australia Visa is very popular and high in demand.

For those who have their documentation ready, you may start to apply now as the opening for registration is today. The documents that need to be ready before the application is:

  • a valid Certificate of Good Conduct that was issued within the previous 12 months where you can apply at Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia
  • evidence of your educational qualifications
  • evidence of funds.

You may also refer to the Australia Embassy website for more information. All the best..



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