Menya Musashi Japanese Ramen #throwback


Is been some time I update my lovely colourful life blog. Have been busy moving my new office. I have been transferred from Petaling Jaya to Kuala Lumpur area. Is a new project and need to set up a new office.  There is still a lot of things to arrange, however, at least finally I have time to sit down and update my blog.

I wanted to share about this Ramen Restaurant in Isetan One Utama. This Menya Musashi is located in Isetan One Utama F&B section. We always pass by the restaurant but never want to go in because the restaurant is very noisy. Is noisy because the staff will keep on shouting something in Japanese word and to me, I am not very comfortable with it. It might be their culture but I don’t really like it.

So that day when we pass by we realise the staff is not shouting. So I was guessing they decided not to shout? So I and my fiance decided to walk in. I have ordered Mazesoba and my fiance ordered Shiro Musashi.

In our opinion, this ramen is a bit too oily. That is why towards the end, we feel bored and don’t feel like eating. The portion is big so with the price is still acceptable for shopping mall restaurant. Both of the ramens cost RM27.00 each and the green tea cost RM3.50. They only allow refills if we are not sharing. Guess a lot of customers ordered a cup and share.

My fiance can’t finish at the end because he feels bored with the taste towards the end and too oily. In the ramen, there is just pork meat, egg and ramen.

Shiro Musashi

Mine is actually Curry ramen. That is why when they serve the curry smells is very strong. Japanese Curry I mean.  I not able to finish at the end too because seriously too bored and bit salty.




If you ask me will I still go back to dine in there, I guess not at this moment because is not the taste that I will crave for.





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