The Spirit Of the Beg-Packers


I was reading an article where one of my friends shared on Facebook. The article is reviewing negativity about the Beg-Packers who are begging for pocket money in order for them to travel around without money. When I was reading thru, in the same time, I was thinking, is it bad for beg-packers to beg at the roadside for extra income?

Honestly, I don’t think is so bad to the extent to have an article about how shameful they are to beg for pocket money in order to travel around. In the article, they mentioned that “Poverty, sickness and pure survival – just a few reasons why genuinely needy people beg on the streets for money”. But some needy people, they aren’t doing anything while begging.

Some beg-packers performing their skill while begging. Hey, is like an artist, they are entertaining you. Servicing you. They are not even forcing you to give them money. If you are willing to support their travel around the world without money spirit, just donate and support. If you are not, just don’t bother and walk away.

I honestly like the idea of printing the photo which was taken while travelling around on a postcard and sell it. To me I don’t think is begging. They are selling an item to you. If you like it, you buy it, if you don’t just walk away.  What is so shameful about it. Nobody is forcing you to give them money.

I personally feel that they are very bold. It takes a very huge and bold courage to travel without money. I won’t have the bold spirit like them of course and actually, I am kind of envy with their bold spirit. At least are not robbing and killing for money.

Just my personal opinion actually. Everyone deserves the right to be treated well. Beg-Packers are actually my idol because I am learning to live minimalist while reading their adventures journey. Hopefully one day I can be bold like them.

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Dinner @ The Jungle City Restaurant


#throwback Family dinner

I just realised I did not journal down my experience dining in at The Jungle City at Taman Bukit Maluri.

Brought my family to this Restaurant to celebrate Mothers Day and also my brother graduation celebration. This restaurant has a cute theme where is like as though you are having dinner in the jungle. I am not a food blogger, of course, I just wanted to share my experience and what is my opinion in terms of their food taste.

To me, their food is good and is worth re-visiting again if there is any celebration or gathering. The pricing is affordable and they are generous with the food portion. They have western food and Chinese food.  You need to do early booking before hand to avoid queuing if not you will have to arrive earlier before the dinner crowd.

After dinner, you can have a photo session with the Gorilla as well. =P I have shared some photos of the restaurant environment and also the food presentation for reference.

Pano view of the restaurant
Mushroom Soup – RM9.80


Tom Yam Seafood Fried Rice – RM16.80


Spaghetti Aglio Olio With Mushroom – 15.80



Fettuccine Carbonara – RM17.80



Hainanese Chicken Chop – RM19.80

Mongolian Chicken Chop – RM19.80

Salted Egg Chicken Chop – RM19.80


Orange Juice, Carrot Juice, Apple Juice (LARGE) – RM13.90 each

Happy Dinner

The Jungle City, Kitchen & Bar located at Taman Bukit Maluri. Can call them for booking at 03-6262 3332


Are You Happy? If You Are Not, Why?


Reading broadens your mind and thinking. However, is also really depends on what material or articles your are reading. I am guessing that the types of material and article you read really depend on your age category. However, no matter what you read, if you do not practice it and always take things for granted it will still lead you to negative path.

When I was a teenager, I love to read a love story and mystery story. Most of it is a fictional story. Why I do love to read a love story because it makes me feel loved and living in a happily ever after life. Why do I love to read a mystery story, because at the beginning of the story the author will always make you feel anxious and you will have to read till the end to have happily ever after ending. When I was a teenager, I have no stress, no commitment and I don’t to worry about money, installment and house loan.  That is why I always tell myself, I am a lucky girl.

When I finish my college degree and start working in the corporate world, I start to read NonFiction material and article. The author I love the most is Cathy Glass, a wonderful and caring foster carer. If I remember correctly, her first book that I read was Another Forgotten Child. Is about unlucky girl Aimee’s life. How can a small girl life be so cruel? While reading my tears will flow down automatically because I feel so sad for Aimee. From that moment, I realise that not everyone is as lucky as me. Of course towards the end, is was a happy ending, however, the journey Aimee is not supposed to travel by a little girl. That is why I start to appreciate my parents and everything I have without being demanding.

When I reached the age of approximately 27 (I think). I start to read a lot about how to live a better life. At that age, I was in the corporate world for about 6 years, I have observed a lot of negative action where I name them as “Negative Drama In Corporate World”. The reason why is because no one is sincere in the corporate world.  Of course maybe not all, but out of 100%, maybe 98% is not sincere. Everybody stick with you for a reason. You call yourself a best friend of mine, but when there is a problem, instead of solving together, you start blaming. There is where I start to complain and being very rebellious. I start to hate people who betray me. I start to isolate myself from everybody. I start to become a bossy person and do not trust anybody including my partner who is with me for about 11 years now. I tell myself, I can live alone and I can do everything by myself. Subsequently, I start to be very bad tempered. I get frustrated even with small things. This negative energy attaches with me for 2 years.

I guess I am really a lucky person. God loves me and cares about me. For 2 years I have been living in an unhappy life. My relationship with my partners getting worst that we nearly end our relationship. When my life is turning into disaster path, my superior who just return back from her long leave (due to personal reason) gave me a book which I have share on my previous post, Superlife Secretcodes by Great Sun. This books changes my whole life. Master Sun teaches us how to be a happy person, how to look things in different way. How to be more positive and how to eliminate negative energy? I am still practicing now and also requested my partner to read together and practice together so that we can learn together as we are getting marry soon.

I slowly realise that life can be so simple, why do we need to make it so complicated. I start to read more about Living Happily. Ways and steps to be more positive thinking. Live in minimalist lifestyle. Last time when I read lifestyle magazine, I will survey what are the new things to buy, but now I will just glance thru those pages with fashions, branded materials. I will normally concentrate on the good article share by others.

I read this article yesterday. Shared by Ng Siew Yen. Population of unhappy people is growing and if it continues, we will  be facing with more commit suicide case, people will live without love and care. Human will stop to Love and Gratitude. Why wait to be Happy? Just like what Siew Yen say,  we deserved to be Happy Now and Always.




Now, I know, reading is good, reading good material and article is also good, but we also have to practice, learn and always remember to Love and be gratitude. I am still learning and that is why I created this blog, is to journal down my Colourful Life. Be happy guys, because we will not know what will happen tomorrow. Let our God decide and we just need to continue to live happily.





Australia Work & Holiday Program 2017/18 (I have miss the boat)


Today I have learned my lesson. Attitude is really everything.

I have missed the opportunity to apply for the work and tour visa for Australia because of my “I will wait for tomorrow” attitude. Taking my own sweet time to wait for tomorrow where I have a lot of time to prepare. I was supposed to apply for the Certificate of Good Conduct (CGC) at the portal. I did not do it and wait for tomorrow.

While waiting for tomorrow to arrive, I received updates on Facebook the work and tour visa application is now open and I have yet to apply my CGC certificate where it will take 1-2 months to approve. I don’t think I will be able to make it anymore for this time round because there are only 100 visas distributed. Work & Tour Australia Visa is very popular and high in demand.

For those who have their documentation ready, you may start to apply now as the opening for registration is today. The documents that need to be ready before the application is:

  • a valid Certificate of Good Conduct that was issued within the previous 12 months where you can apply at Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia
  • evidence of your educational qualifications
  • evidence of funds.

You may also refer to the Australia Embassy website for more information. All the best..



A Journey~~


Morning Sunday, went for morning exercise with my fiance and my brother. I went for a short jog and both of them went for a swim.

Not too sure why I wasn’t in a good mood today. After 15 minutes workout, I stop and went to the swimming pool to wait for them to finish their swim.

While I waiting, I try to clear my negative energy mindset by looking up the sky. Hoping nature will assist and guide me. While looking up, I notice the building is like a journey. Journey to a beautiful place. Is like a road leading me to a positive environment.

Life is always up and down. Today I am in the downside. I hope that tomorrow will be another good day.

A Journey of Life


Menya Musashi Japanese Ramen #throwback


Is been some time I update my lovely colourful life blog. Have been busy moving my new office. I have been transferred from Petaling Jaya to Kuala Lumpur area. Is a new project and need to set up a new office.  There is still a lot of things to arrange, however, at least finally I have time to sit down and update my blog.

I wanted to share about this Ramen Restaurant in Isetan One Utama. This Menya Musashi is located in Isetan One Utama F&B section. We always pass by the restaurant but never want to go in because the restaurant is very noisy. Is noisy because the staff will keep on shouting something in Japanese word and to me, I am not very comfortable with it. It might be their culture but I don’t really like it.

So that day when we pass by we realise the staff is not shouting. So I was guessing they decided not to shout? So I and my fiance decided to walk in. I have ordered Mazesoba and my fiance ordered Shiro Musashi.

In our opinion, this ramen is a bit too oily. That is why towards the end, we feel bored and don’t feel like eating. The portion is big so with the price is still acceptable for shopping mall restaurant. Both of the ramens cost RM27.00 each and the green tea cost RM3.50. They only allow refills if we are not sharing. Guess a lot of customers ordered a cup and share.

My fiance can’t finish at the end because he feels bored with the taste towards the end and too oily. In the ramen, there is just pork meat, egg and ramen.

Shiro Musashi

Mine is actually Curry ramen. That is why when they serve the curry smells is very strong. Japanese Curry I mean.  I not able to finish at the end too because seriously too bored and bit salty.




If you ask me will I still go back to dine in there, I guess not at this moment because is not the taste that I will crave for.





Dinner @ Xin Xin Yong Hoe Seafood Restaurant

안녕하세요 🎈🎉🎂❤️

🎈🎉🎂❤️ Happy birthday to my beloved mum.

Is her birthday and we brought her to eat something special and different. My brother found this restaurant through online and he wanted to try out the food.

This whole big decoration food cost RM580.00 exclude the rice and drinks. In my opinion, the food is good but because of less of vegetables and full of meat, towards the end, we feel bored with the food and all of us not able to continue the food.

This Xin Xin Yong Hoe Seafood restaurant is at No.5-G,Persiaran KIP 3,Taman Perindustrian KIP. 52200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia