Celebrating Mother’s Day @ Eat Drink Thai Restaurant

Today is Mother’s Day. Is the day where everybody will pamper their mother and bring her out for shopping and dinner. Of course, every day should be a Mother’s Day but today will be special for Mothers.
We bought mommy out yesterday to have dinner at Eat Drink Thai Restaurant at Kota Damansara. It seems like is a newly open Thai Restaurant. It was first discovered by my brother and his girlfriend. Nice ambience with air-cond and the staff is friendly as well.
Straight forward menu and of course their speciality are their Signature Seafood Pot.
Eat Drink Thai Menu – Page 1
Eat Drink Thai Menu – Page 2
So we have ordered 2 types of Signature Seafood Pot. One is Red Tom Yum and another pot is Ma Nao. Both taste very good and the seafood was fresh no fishy smell as well. Of course, we did ask for minimal spicy because my fiance can’t really take spicy food.
We finished everything including the shop as well.
Red Tom Yum
Ma Nao
We ordered additional dishes as well. One thing we feel is the portion is bit small for BIG portion. Mommy like the Kai Lan Vege gravy. The omelette is crazy good but of course, is bit oily but in order to taste so good, you can’t avoid the oily of course. Pandan chicken is good as well, I think I add 2 pieces.
Omelette (Kai Chiew), Stir Fried Kai Lan (Pad Khana Plakhem), Pandan Chicken (Gai Hor Bai Toey)
 We ordered dessert as well which is our favourite Thab Thim Krop. Only my fiance and I like it because they feel they coconut taste bit too strong. The portion is small as well (forgotten to take a picture).
The pricing is affordable actually like the Special Seafood Pot cost RM59.00 each, Omelette cost RM 10.00, Kai Lan cost RM15.00 and Pandan Chicken cost RM22.00. So is still alright but I feel need to increase the portion slightly because, for 7 pax, we feel is bit small for a BIG size portion or maybe we are a big eater. (0.0)”
Mommy loves the food but as usual, she will tell us “I also know how to cook” because she cooks the best dishes for all of us. Mum, you are the best, sometimes you really very naggy, but, I know, you love us and care for us the most. Thank you, mum, you make my life beautiful.
Happy Mother's Day
Happy Mother’s Day


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