How I spend my Labour Day (photoblog)


Today is labour day and is also praying day for my family too. Is a relaxing labour day with family members. We pray for health, smooth business opportunities , happiness. 

Wanted to share some photo which I have capture.

After praying, as usual the “kampung” culture which is fire crackers session to bring more luck and chase away the bad spirit. Is a nice greenary area for chit chatting. 

Actually I don’t know what is this but it looks like mini pumpkin to me. My uncle told me this tiny fruit is good for health. I’m not confident with this, so I choose to take a picture only. 

The before ripe and after ripe. You hardly see all this in the city. Behind the house you can have a yard where you plant own fruits and vegetables and chicken walking around.

Is a hot weather today, but still walk to my grandfather backyard to snap some photos..

Is a short trip back to hometown, so now we are on the way back to busy city and prepare to work tomorrow. 

Though is a short trip, but is a sweet wonderful trip because is a family trip. 

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