Me & You (Photoblog)


Me & You,

We will grow old together,

We will walk through all the challenges together,

We will stay happy together,

We will enjoy every single moment and create sweet memory together,

We will love each other together,

Together, we will create a happy family until the end of our life.

-Me & You-


Me & You



New Week Quotes To Stay Positive and Focus 


I start my week with a quote. This week quote is being myself and avoids drama king/queen people. I not able to change these people because is all depends on themselves, but I can avoid these people in order to have a more peaceful life.

I notice younger generations (Not to say I am very old) now likes to drama in front of their bosses. I can’t really understand the reason why they want to do that but I assume is for their own benefit and to climb up faster in their corporate ladder world.

To me, I always believe that as long as I am kind and being honest to everybody and treat everybody with my sincere heart, I will have a better life. I might not be successful in the corporate world, but I believe I will be successful being a kind human being because I always believe that Karma will hit you one day if you being evil. Like what Master Sun always say in his “Super Life Secret Codes”, 2 secret codes that will lead you to a better life, LOVE & GRATITUDE.



Be Myself


Hello Kitty Container With Surprise


I am always a Hello Kitty lover. Recently, I have stopped buying because I have limited space in keeping them. So I decided not to buy them instead just keep a picture of them as memory.

However, that there while me and my fiance having window shopping at The Curve, I notice there is a big Hello Kitty shop in there. It seems the shop is under Metrojaya. So I just walk in to take walk. While walking, this little Hello Kitty head attracted my attention. Is a container and with a surprise in it.

So, for my understanding, inside the container, you will be guaranteed with a Hello Kitty figure and a candy inside. It is depending on your luck which design you will be getting.

Which figure you like the most?

It did not cost a lot actually. Is only RM6.90. So I was just trying my luck and hoping the surprise Hello Kitty figure I will get is the one lying facing the front. Very immediately, I open once I have paid and tadaa….. I have gotten what I want. Is so lovely and cute.

My surprise Hello Kitty

It comes with a Hard Boiled Candy and is stated at the tag is Strawberry flavour and is artificially flavoured. I still don’t know what to do with the candy because I don’t eat candy. Especially this type of artificial flavour candy.


The artificial word is already sound so unhealthy

This little surprise Hello Kitty is also not suitable for kids below 3 years old. Parents who are Hello Kitty lover have to really take note and be careful.



Not for kids under 3 years old




My Pre-Wedding Photo Shooting (#Throwback)

안녕하세요 (#throwbackblog)

I just completed my pre-wedding photography last Wednesday. Is a tiring but also a fun day. One day before the photo shooting, while waiting for my fiance to finish work, I drop by Centrepoint. We were supposed to drop by the Bridal house to collect the gown and suit for next day photo shooting. I passed by the florist shop and I thought I can just buy one bouquet for my photo shooting as one of the props.

I don’t know how to buy a bouquet actually. So from the brochure, I have chosen the daisy. I love daisy. However, because I have chosen a cheaper price bouquet is quite small. The bouquet cost RM55.00. Guess I need to study the market price before ordering. Is a bit small but still can use.

My Daisy


We have cute and funny experience during the photo shooting. As we have been together for about 10 years, so we are not used to being a sweet couple with some sweet actions and poses. 😂 When we were told to look at each other eyes, we feel awkward and we will continue laughing nonstop. Photographer and videographer have to guide us step by step in terms of posing and the feelings of each other.

So, we went to 3 places to do the photo shooting. The first place is at FRIM Kepong Botanic Garden. First time there of course and I am in love with the environment. I guess a lot of couples shoot there because they even have “Pas Pengantin” which is Bridal Pass.

Bridal Pass


To enter we have to pay RM112.35. I am not too sure the price we paid is for two cars to enter or only one car because our photographer did not pay for the entry. So I assume the price we have paid is for two cars. Please remember to get the receipt and if the counter

Here I will want to remind you all to always remember to get the receipt and if the counter person in charge has told you that is alright, they will send later please insists on waiting till you received the receipt because you will not be able to enter the garden without the receipt. Our photographer will have to drive back to the registration counter to collect the receipt. Is quite a distance actually. Is very bad for the counter person in charge to do that.

We were lucky that the small hiccups did not ruin our day. When we arrived, the sky and environment are nice even though is very hot and I have to face the sun directly. My fiance took the opportunity to captures some photo of me posing alone. I am not used to it because I don’t really like to take a photo of myself. So I have difficulty in posing and smiling in front of camera (=.=)”

Looking at the Lake


Enjoying The Lake View


The second photo shooting place is Putrajaya, Taman Saujana Hijau. That park is a public park. So that is why you see a few couples taking the pre-wedding photo. We were rushing for time, that is why we did not take a picture when we were there with our own camera. Have to wait for the photographer final outcome to see how it looks like.

The last location for our pre-wedding shooting was at LIMA PULO. Is a well known Baba Nyonya cuisine restaurant. The restaurant is always crowded. We went there the first time and we did not manage to try out their food because the restaurant is full and the last order is at 2.45pm. This time round we thought we can have lunch there as we have booked the venue from 3.00pm – 5.00pm for photo shooting. As we are running late, we only manage to reached the restaurant at 3.00pm. So we did not manage to try out their food again. The owner is so kind and friendly. Hope we can see him again next round when we have lunch or dinner there cause did not manage to really have a chat with him.

I need to wait for a few months to see the outcome. Can’t wait to see those photo.

Japan Kitaoka-Honten Sakura Sara Sara Liqueur


Last weekend everybody is like making a lot of “HU HA” about Mother’s Day. I always feel that Mother’s Day is supposed to be every day and not just that weekend. So we bring our mum out for delicious dinner at Eat Drink Thai Restaurant. Yesterday while I went out lunch, there is a Non-Halal shop in the grocery. Since I have spare time, I walk in as well to just have a look.

Something attracts my attention. This  Kitaoka-Honten Sakura Sara Sara Liqueur. This liqueur is so beautiful because the Sakura flower is inside the liqueur. This is an incredibly light liqueur supported by a long tradition of cherry trees. First for the ornamental effect of its flower, yet also used for culinary purposes. The flowers used to come from the mountains of Yoshino, the most famous of the Sakura regions in Japan.This exquisite-looking sakura liquor is made from barley shochu and fruits. It gets its colour from vegetable dyes. The sakura liquor has sweet taste and aroma and is perfect for drinking as it is or in a spritzer or cocktail. It contains 7.8% of alcohol.

I bought it with the price of RM69.90 each at Jaya Grocer in Evolve Mall. I notice you can get it from the online store The price is slightly higher and is also Pre-Order. I bought 2 bottles. One for my mum another one for my aunt. Both of them is wine bottle collector. Bought for them as a Mother’s Day gift.

Hello Kitty x Fuchiko on Sakura Liqueur
Close Up View with the Sakura in the Bottle


One For Mom One For Aunt


Celebrating Mother’s Day @ Eat Drink Thai Restaurant

Today is Mother’s Day. Is the day where everybody will pamper their mother and bring her out for shopping and dinner. Of course, every day should be a Mother’s Day but today will be special for Mothers.
We bought mommy out yesterday to have dinner at Eat Drink Thai Restaurant at Kota Damansara. It seems like is a newly open Thai Restaurant. It was first discovered by my brother and his girlfriend. Nice ambience with air-cond and the staff is friendly as well.
Straight forward menu and of course their speciality are their Signature Seafood Pot.
Eat Drink Thai Menu – Page 1
Eat Drink Thai Menu – Page 2
So we have ordered 2 types of Signature Seafood Pot. One is Red Tom Yum and another pot is Ma Nao. Both taste very good and the seafood was fresh no fishy smell as well. Of course, we did ask for minimal spicy because my fiance can’t really take spicy food.
We finished everything including the shop as well.
Red Tom Yum
Ma Nao
We ordered additional dishes as well. One thing we feel is the portion is bit small for BIG portion. Mommy like the Kai Lan Vege gravy. The omelette is crazy good but of course, is bit oily but in order to taste so good, you can’t avoid the oily of course. Pandan chicken is good as well, I think I add 2 pieces.
Omelette (Kai Chiew), Stir Fried Kai Lan (Pad Khana Plakhem), Pandan Chicken (Gai Hor Bai Toey)
 We ordered dessert as well which is our favourite Thab Thim Krop. Only my fiance and I like it because they feel they coconut taste bit too strong. The portion is small as well (forgotten to take a picture).
The pricing is affordable actually like the Special Seafood Pot cost RM59.00 each, Omelette cost RM 10.00, Kai Lan cost RM15.00 and Pandan Chicken cost RM22.00. So is still alright but I feel need to increase the portion slightly because, for 7 pax, we feel is bit small for a BIG size portion or maybe we are a big eater. (0.0)”
Mommy loves the food but as usual, she will tell us “I also know how to cook” because she cooks the best dishes for all of us. Mum, you are the best, sometimes you really very naggy, but, I know, you love us and care for us the most. Thank you, mum, you make my life beautiful.
Happy Mother's Day
Happy Mother’s Day


First Time Experience of Pampering Myself and Loving Myself


Few more days to go and I am preparing for our Pre-Wedding photo shooting. Like I always tell myself, time to love myself more. Time to slow down, and have some time for myself. Today is my first-time experience where I pampered myself with pedicure and manicure.

Went to the shop near my working place. The feeling was funny because living in this world for 29 years never I step into this kind of shop because I always feel that I don’t deserve all this and I don’t need all this. However, when my fiance told me that since we have been spending so much money on the photo shooting might as well make it nice and enjoyable moment. So I decided to take this chance to experience the ladies session.

The shop name is Pinch.Nail.Bakery in Oasis Village, Oasis Square. Very nice staff and very helpful because I told her I have no experience so she has to guide me what to do each time. She is very patient in explaining to me all the ingredients they are using and the package they have.

Pampering My Leg with Warm Water


“So sorry pretty, I guess you need a lot of effort to remove my dry skin”


I told the beautician I want a simple design because I still need work and I don’t want to scare people away with a colourful nail during office hour. Pinch nail polish is gel type and is organic so is very safe for our nail. Total 2 hours spent in there. Time well spent because I have a good time chatting with the nail beautician and a relaxing moment there.

Of course, I will not drop by very frequent like how other ladies always do, but will definitely go back when my actual day wedding is nearer.

Pretty Nail Art. Love it So Much

First Love Yourself, Other Will Come Next~~~