My First Experience of Travelling in the LRT Train.


Today is a quiet Saturday. I am on duty today and before I start work, I want to mark down my new experience while they are is still fresh in my mind.

I know this is weird, because like I have mentioned in my earlier post, I am a lucky girl. I have a wonderful family who loves me and protect me and taking care of me very well. That is why I never have to worry about accommodation, food, or even transportation.

When I graduated from secondary school and at the same time preparing to survey which college to join, my mum told me to choose a college near my home so that I don’t have to stay outside. Once I have settled the college, my parents bring me to buy a small car. At that time, I still can clearly remember that we have cash flow concern, but my dad insists on getting a car for me because he doesn’t want me to travel with the public transport. So, from the young age till today, I am 29, I always travel with my own transport. Never I travel anywhere with public transport except when I am travelling for a holiday in another country where I have to use the foreign country public transport to go around.

Yesterday because needed to go KLCC for a training, I was bit worry with the traffic at KLCC and unsure with the carpark location to the Convention Center. My superior advise me to use LRT where she was shocked when I told her I have never tried travel with LRT  Train so I am not sure how to use LRT to go KLCC. Her eyes pop and was like telling me “OMG, how could you”. (>..<) (Sorry boss, I am too lucky girl that I do not have to use public transport to travel around).

So yesterday was my first ever experience using LRT Train to KLCC. I should say this is the first time I am travelling alone in LRT Train. I am like a little girl exploring the station. Studying the route and which Platform to go.

The escalator is a start of my Journey to Explore LRT Station.
So basically the safe timing for last call is before approximately 11.00pm. 


Okay, which platform I should go? Oh Platform 1 (So Harry Potter feel)
Spend time reading in the train. Time well spent while travelling.


I really love the feeling of the new experience. I will never stop exploring~~

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