If You Never Failed, You’ve Never Try!

Woke up hugging my laptop because I slept with it (Very bad habit). First thing when I am awake, there is a video about Thomas Edison that was displayed on my Facebook page. Everybody know is Thomas Edison. He has become who he is today is because of the invention of the light bulb and because of his never give up attitude, we have the light bulb to use.
I keep asking myself, what is my passion. Now I realise, how would I know if I do not try it out. My weakness is I am not comfortable with trying new things. I do not have the courage and confident to do it. This is the problem when you are always been protected by your family. I am a family person.
So, in order to step out from the comfortable zone, I need to start searching for my new path. While searching, I have been keeping a record on all the motivational quotes that will motivate me in #MyColourfullife Journal. This blog will be my 1st step in order for me to discover more.


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