Sweet Memory of Beauty & The Beast Movie


Last Tuesday was a wonderful day for me. My fiance bring me to watch a movie. He knows I have been bugging him on this movie. I was so excited when they official announce the official showing in Malaysia is on 16th March. Due to unforeseen circumstances, it was banned due to some not important reason.

After some time, they announce that it will be officially shown on 30 March. I was busy with something till I have lost the excitement of watching this movie. My fiance insists that we go for a date and he purchases the night movie ticket.

Is been some time we watch night movie. I was so touched by the movie and refreshes back our childhood memory. I always love Disney movie because is always ended with “Happily Ever After” outcomes.

Is not easy to achieve the “Happily Ever After” outcomes in the real world. Especially for nowadays, is getting more difficult. All due to commitment, immature attitude and environment.

After the movie, I not able to stop thinking about it. I suddenly feel so relax and loved. So, I decided to illustrate the rose of Beauty and The Beast. Such a sweet memory with this sweet movie.

Thank you, darling.

Beauty & The Beast-01

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