via Photo Challenge: Security

Was reading thru @Krista blog post about Security. Reminds me of my lovely boy boy, Monnie. He was also an abandoned dog. He was found on the highway. My brother girlfriend brings him home worried that he might get knock down by car.

However, maybe because of feeling insecure in the unfamiliar environment, he bit her brother. Her mother was not very comfortable after the incident and decided to give it away for adoption. While waiting for him to be adopted by another family, my boy stays with us.

We wanted to adopt him, but my mum doesn’t like pets. So she insists not to keep him. I think God wants us to keep him because, after 5 attempts of trying to deliver to another family, it always with the obstacle. So end up, my mum gave up and our wish come true. We can keep Monnie boy.

He is with us for the 5th years now. We have gone thru lots of challenges in this 5 years. Monnie boy too. He was so close to the heaven door last December 2016, due to IMPA infections. Thank God he is a very strong boy and he fights very hard together with all of us. I think he knows we love him lots and he love us too. He went thru the challenge and now is back healthy.

Monnie boy just gotten his hair cut last Sunday. Each time, after he cut his hair, we have to ensure he wears his shirt because he is cold. Look at this naughty boy, how he wear his shirt while sleeping. 😅 I guess he feel comfortable and secure with us.

He is now part of our family. He has same surname as us. He is now like my parent youngest son and our little brother. He travels everywhere together with us (except when we have to travel oversea). I hope he can stay with us as long as possible, because we love him very much.

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