Happy Qing Ming. Thank You, GOD.


Sometimes, I will feel that my life is like a routine. Every day, When I woke up, I prepare myself to work, eat breakfast, plan for my daily to-do list work, go lunch, continue work, leave office, eat dinner and sleep. The next day, the same thing will happen.

Things happen so routinely that I have overlooked how beautiful life can be. We celebrate Ching Ming every year. Every year, I will follow my parents to go back hometown to clean and pay respect to our ancestors.

I have been doing it routinely till I did not realise, actually the scenery at this “cold” place is so beautiful in the morning. Why haven I notice that earlier. I feel lucky, is not too late for me to discover.

Happy Ching Ming

Photo taken at Seremban

It knocks up my mind up. Why do I have to live in this world absorbing the negative energy? I should enjoy every single thing which happening around me and love and appreciates every single thing that happens to me.

I was thinking, I should feel lucky that I do not have to wait till I “sleep” in the graveyard to notice the scenery. I should try very hard to love my life, appreciate everything I have now and never give up.

Things happen for a reason. Thank you, God, for giving me this chance. I am learning to discover myself and creating the colourful life for myself. I believe one day, I will be able to find myself if I never give up.


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