Do You Really Want to Be Happy?


So, do you want to be Happy?

If your answer is YES, then we have to stop complaining. “When you really want to be happy, you quit complaining” (Andrew Matthews). If we have hit a crisis, we have to learn to conquer it and be flexible to face and adjust any changes and challenges.

Andrew Matthews taught us to have plan B always. I reflect back myself I always feel frustrated when the outcome did not turn up as what  I expected. So now, each time I expected the outcome, I need to make sure I able to adjust the changes to plan B so that I will not disappoint myself.

I realise most of Happy People, they embrace changes. “Happy People welcome change” (Andrew Matthews). Changes allow you to learn more thing. Sometimes, the negative thought makes us unhappy. So we have to learn to change and control our negative thought.

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In order to be a Happy Person, Andrew Matthews also taught us to face the facts. There is a certain time, we are running away from facts that are where leading us to more negative thinking. Face the facts and learn to resolve any problem. I am learning not to avoid the problem. Instead, I tell myself to resolve every problem that occurs so that I will not face the same problem. I just have to open my minds and move forward.

In order to be Happy Person, we also need to adapt good habit.

Happiness is synthetic—you either create it, or you don’t. Happiness that lasts is earned through your habits. Supremely happy people have honed habits that maintain their happiness day in, day out. (Forbes, 10 Habits of Incredibly Happy People,2017 02 14)

Forbes tabulated 10 habits of Happy People:

  1. They slow down to appreciate life’s  little pleasures
  2. They exercise
  3. They spend money on other people
  4. They surround themselves with the right people
  5. They stay positive
  6. They get enough sleep
  7. They have deep conversations
  8. They help others
  9. They make an effort to be happy
  10. They have a growth mindset

I am practising at least 7 habits as listed above. Still learning and still exploring. I am learning. Learning together with my fiance. We want to have a healthy relationship and lovely lifestyle.


Life is very simple, surround ourselves with green and nature. Always feel Love and Appreciate, we will feel more calm and Happy.  




Happy World Book Day 


Today is Sunday and also is World Book Day. 

Currently I am reading Happiness in Hard Times by Andrew Matthews and Super Life Secretcodes by Master Sun. 

For Super Life Secretcodes, I have it both hardcopy and Kindle copy. I love this book because it start to change my thinking and I wish I can access this book anytime at anywhere. That is why I bought the Kindle version as well. 

Happy reading… 

My First Experience of Travelling in the LRT Train.


Today is a quiet Saturday. I am on duty today and before I start work, I want to mark down my new experience while they are is still fresh in my mind.

I know this is weird, because like I have mentioned in my earlier post, I am a lucky girl. I have a wonderful family who loves me and protect me and taking care of me very well. That is why I never have to worry about accommodation, food, or even transportation.

When I graduated from secondary school and at the same time preparing to survey which college to join, my mum told me to choose a college near my home so that I don’t have to stay outside. Once I have settled the college, my parents bring me to buy a small car. At that time, I still can clearly remember that we have cash flow concern, but my dad insists on getting a car for me because he doesn’t want me to travel with the public transport. So, from the young age till today, I am 29, I always travel with my own transport. Never I travel anywhere with public transport except when I am travelling for a holiday in another country where I have to use the foreign country public transport to go around.

Yesterday because needed to go KLCC for a training, I was bit worry with the traffic at KLCC and unsure with the carpark location to the Convention Center. My superior advise me to use LRT where she was shocked when I told her I have never tried travel with LRT  Train so I am not sure how to use LRT to go KLCC. Her eyes pop and was like telling me “OMG, how could you”. (>..<) (Sorry boss, I am too lucky girl that I do not have to use public transport to travel around).

So yesterday was my first ever experience using LRT Train to KLCC. I should say this is the first time I am travelling alone in LRT Train. I am like a little girl exploring the station. Studying the route and which Platform to go.

The escalator is a start of my Journey to Explore LRT Station.
So basically the safe timing for last call is before approximately 11.00pm. 


Okay, which platform I should go? Oh Platform 1 (So Harry Potter feel)
Spend time reading in the train. Time well spent while travelling.


I really love the feeling of the new experience. I will never stop exploring~~

6 Excuses Postponing Happiness


Time seriously flies in a second because #TGIF has arrived. I have been focusing reading my motivation books. Reminding myself to ensure I continue searching #MyColourfulLife. I am trying to master two wonderful books. One of the books is Super Life SecretCodes by Master Sun. Another one is Happiness  In Hard Times by Andrew Matthews.

I am practising very hard now on those principles and ways both authors suggested. I realise, is easy to read and understand, but is seriously not easy to remember it and practice. I have the tendency to forget and continue with my bad habit.

I love Andrew Matthews book because of the colours and cartoon in the books. At the same time, there are case studies of real life scenario in order for you to understand better. I remember reading this Happiness In Hard Times a few years back. I think I have read it but I am not practising it because I am seriously going thru Hard Times now.

I think is good that I note it down each time I finish one chapter. This is to remind Me, and also to share with everyone who willing to read my journey.

The first Chapter is about Acceptance.

Andrew is telling us to accept where you are and to forget about blame, forget about guilt, forget about “what ifs” and move forward. I really want to note down and highlighted a few points from this chapter which is:

  • Acceptance means: “This is where I am – and now I move on to what I want.”
  • Acceptance isn’t giving up. Acceptance is recognition that, “This is part of my journey”.
  • Acceptance is power.

This is so true. In order to change, we have to accept we, ourself. Instead of complaining and compiling all the negative energy into our mind.

“Life is like a movie. It’s not the length but the quality that matters”. If you are not happy with yourself, no matter how long you live in this world, you will still be negative and unhappy and life will be very hard and if you continue being negative, you will not be able to love other people. Not until you learn to love yourself.

One of the applicant name Adrian reminds the readers that good thing happens in small steps. Look for good things, focus on the present and do what you can do today.

What interest me the most and is very true where is happening to me is we are giving too many excuses and end up we are postponing our happiness. There are 6 Excuses which is emphasised in the book and I am reviewing myself how many excuses I am using:

  1. If I were somewhere else, I’d be happy.

Seriously, this is so ME. I am just running away from the situation. If I run away with the problem without solving it, anywhere I go, I will still encounter the same unhappiness because I bring my bad habit and negative thinking with me.

   2. If I were older or younger- I’d be happy

Not me. I never use this excuse before. I never worry about age because I never know who am I and what I want. I now start to worrying about my age, because I realise if I do not figure out myself now, I am seriously in deep trouble because I still have a long journey to go.

    3. When I meet the perfect partner I’ll be Happy!

This excuse honestly happens on me. I have been with my fiance for 10 years and 6months. Along the journey, we have gone thru a lot of challenges. Happiness, sadness, disappointment, angry and much more. When you are in one relationship too long and you did not learn to understand each other more, and not learning to compromise, then you will lose the spark. I am lucky, very lucky one because I manage to eliminate the negativity energy that affected our relationship. I learn to love him more and learn not to run away from disagreement but confront and discuss with him on the same day. So far, we are planning for our wedding photo shooting which is happening in this coming May and our wedding dinner at end of November.

    4. If I didn’t have these problems I’d be happy!

I guess every one of us who yet to discover the right thinking will use this excuses to avoid happiness. We always avoid the problem. When there is a problem occur, you either blame another person, or you will just keep quite and run away from solving it. This is what I am trying very hard to adapt it. I learning how to accept problem which already happened and instead of complaining, I find a solution to resolved it. This will also avoid small problem becoming a big problem.

   5. If Only I Had That!

Very true excuse all of us is using. Even myself. That is why I end up realised that I own a lot of stuff. All these stuff actually is unnecessary and not all the thing I owned I am using, so end up it took up my cabinet storage. I might be thrilled the 1st day and 2nd day, but subsequently, I don’t feel anything anymore and end up is just going to be a display item in the cabinet.

   6. I’ll be happy when…

This excuse, I think is displaying my current situation where I am telling myself “I think I will be happy if I know what I want to do and what is my passion”. So, meaning to say that if I cannot find MYSELF and my passion I will continue to be sad. How can I discover MYSELF and discover my passion if my mind is full of negative thinking and energy? That is why I choose to blog my journey because expressing myself through blog makes me happy and also I able to track my journey.

In a Nutshell – The happiest people aren’t waiting for anything to happen. They learn to accept the current position and move forward. I slowly discover my happiness by blogging and by reading. =)

If You Never Failed, You’ve Never Try!

Woke up hugging my laptop because I slept with it (Very bad habit). First thing when I am awake, there is a video about Thomas Edison that was displayed on my Facebook page. Everybody know is Thomas Edison. He has become who he is today is because of the invention of the light bulb and because of his never give up attitude, we have the light bulb to use.
I keep asking myself, what is my passion. Now I realise, how would I know if I do not try it out. My weakness is I am not comfortable with trying new things. I do not have the courage and confident to do it. This is the problem when you are always been protected by your family. I am a family person.
So, in order to step out from the comfortable zone, I need to start searching for my new path. While searching, I have been keeping a record on all the motivational quotes that will motivate me in #MyColourfullife Journal. This blog will be my 1st step in order for me to discover more.


What Is My Passion? Who Am I?



I have been asking myself this question since last year. What Is My Passion? Since everybody has passions. I should have one as well right?

Seriously, I didn’t know what I really want to do. To the extent, I have been asking God, Why I was brought to this world. How can I survive in this selfish and complicated world without knowing my own direction?

After long thinking and searching, I realise, to be able to find my Passion, First thing, I need to search for MYSELF. I took a lot of classes in order to discover myself. I have taken Marketing Advertising Research, Graphic Design and Digital Marketing (most of them is part-time courses for professional). Currently, I have taken Web Design course from CodesTrust. I seriously wanted to discover myself. I feel so lost and demotivated by not knowing what I want to pursue.

I was reading the article from Entrepreneur about  How Smart People Work Less and Get More Done. One of the points highlighted that when you pursue something you are passionate about, it will release stress and it will open your minds to a new way of thinking. The worst part is I don’t even know who I am. What I want. What is the purpose I am living in this world? If I not able to find out Who I Am, I pretty sure, I will not be able to find my own Passion.

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I have been doing a lot of research about “Finding Ownself”. I found a video clip about Ed Sheeran. He mentioned that he is a very weird child. He is a person who doesn’t know how to express in a right way. He went thru few therapies but it doesn’t work. He emphasize that to “Be Yourself”. Do not try to be another person. Being yourself is the coolest thing ever, and YOU are one and the only one. I love the ending sentence the most EMBRACE WHO YOU ARE. 

So I have to be gratitude that God created me and allow me to come to this world. He has given me this chance to explore myself and my task is to discover myself. I should never give up and to work harder. I will love to receive some feedbacks for self-Discovery from others as well.

Thanks a lot for your patient.

Sweet Memory of Beauty & The Beast Movie


Last Tuesday was a wonderful day for me. My fiance bring me to watch a movie. He knows I have been bugging him on this movie. I was so excited when they official announce the official showing in Malaysia is on 16th March. Due to unforeseen circumstances, it was banned due to some not important reason.

After some time, they announce that it will be officially shown on 30 March. I was busy with something till I have lost the excitement of watching this movie. My fiance insists that we go for a date and he purchases the night movie ticket.

Is been some time we watch night movie. I was so touched by the movie and refreshes back our childhood memory. I always love Disney movie because is always ended with “Happily Ever After” outcomes.

Is not easy to achieve the “Happily Ever After” outcomes in the real world. Especially for nowadays, is getting more difficult. All due to commitment, immature attitude and environment.

After the movie, I not able to stop thinking about it. I suddenly feel so relax and loved. So, I decided to illustrate the rose of Beauty and The Beast. Such a sweet memory with this sweet movie.

Thank you, darling.

Beauty &amp; The Beast-01