Do You Really Want to Be Happy?

안녕하세요 So, do you want to be Happy? If your answer is YES, then we have to stop complaining. "When you really want to be happy, you quit complaining" (Andrew Matthews). If we have hit a crisis, we have to learn to conquer it and be flexible to face and adjust any changes and challenges. Andrew... Continue Reading →


Happy World Book Day 

안녕하세요  Today is Sunday and also is World Book Day.  Currently I am reading Happiness in Hard Times by Andrew Matthews and Super Life Secretcodes by Master Sun.  For Super Life Secretcodes, I have it both hardcopy and Kindle copy. I love this book because it start to change my thinking and I wish I... Continue Reading →

6 Excuses Postponing Happiness

안녕하새요 Time seriously flies in a second because #TGIF has arrived. I have been focusing reading my motivation books. Reminding myself to ensure I continue searching #MyColourfulLife. I am trying to master two wonderful books. One of the books is Super Life SecretCodes by Master Sun. Another one is Happiness  In Hard Times by Andrew... Continue Reading →

If You Never Failed, You’ve Never Try!

안녕하새요 Woke up hugging my laptop because I slept with it (Very bad habit). First thing when I am awake, there is a video about Thomas Edison that was displayed on my Facebook page. Everybody know is Thomas Edison. He has become who he is today is because of the invention of the light bulb... Continue Reading →

What Is My Passion? Who Am I?

안녕하새요   I have been asking myself this question since last year. What Is My Passion? Since everybody has passions. I should have one as well right? Seriously, I didn't know what I really want to do. To the extent, I have been asking God, Why I was brought to this world. How can I... Continue Reading →

Sweet Memory of Beauty & The Beast Movie

안녕하새요 Last Tuesday was a wonderful day for me. My fiance bring me to watch a movie. He knows I have been bugging him on this movie. I was so excited when they official announce the official showing in Malaysia is on 16th March. Due to unforeseen circumstances, it was banned due to some not... Continue Reading →


via Photo Challenge: Security Was reading thru @Krista blog post about Security. Reminds me of my lovely boy boy, Monnie. He was also an abandoned dog. He was found on the highway. My brother girlfriend brings him home worried that he might get knock down by car. However, maybe because of feeling insecure in the unfamiliar... Continue Reading →

Happy Qing Ming. Thank You, GOD.

안녕하새요 Sometimes, I will feel that my life is like a routine. Every day, When I woke up, I prepare myself to work, eat breakfast, plan for my daily to-do list work, go lunch, continue work, leave office, eat dinner and sleep. The next day, the same thing will happen. Things happen so routinely that I... Continue Reading →

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