Quote Of The Day


Today might not be a good day for me.

I am very disappointed. Disappointed with my work, disappointed with my life, disappointed with human attitude. Sometimes, we will not be able to please everybody in this world. We might not be able to achieve things that we are expecting too.

Same thing, We not able to expect everybody to understand us as well. People with negative energy will sometimes misunderstand what you conveying.

This quote crosses my mind and I decided to make it into an artwork.

“Sometimes We Create Our Own Heart Break Through Expectations”. 

Sometimes we create our own heart break through expectation-01-01

It makes me feel that sometimes I shouldn’t assume and shouldn’t put too much expectation on other people because human thinking is very creative and fancy. A positive thinking person will not spread negative energy and information to a 3rd party and vice versa.

So I need to ignore the negativity and move on to avoid being drag down.

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