A Day Visit To Bukit Melawati (Photoblog)


Is after work, going thru my photography, found pictures which I have taken at Bukit Melawati, Kuala Selangor. It reminds me to appreciate everything and be gratitude with every single thing which is happening.

A mother’s heart is always with her children. No matter how old is their child. I am getting married soon. Nervous. Whenever I think about it sometimes it makes me happy but it sometimes makes me nervous because once I’m married, I will be shifting over to live with my husband. This picture reminds me how my mommy pampered me with her love even though I am already 29 years old >O<



In this earth, everybody has a hearts. Everybody have feelings. As long as you are breathing the oxygen on this earth, you will have all these. Even though they are animals. The have feelings and hearts. When I am there visiting, I realise these monkeys are very friendly. I guess they are used to visitors come and go. They are good poser as well. Love their beautiful eyes.



C8384E5D-2F78-4CE9-ADD0-DE3C4968E1A844C8B77E-9D2D-40F0-9243-588E611D9F6AThose innocent looks. So beautiful and pure. I think they can be better than us human beings. Sometimes, we human are the cruel creatures that destroy their life. Just hope that one day we can live more peacefully together with sincere heart. Every living on earth deserves a good life.

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