Negative Day Vs Positive Day


Yesterday only I found out the reason behind White Valentine’s Day and is celebrated first in Japan in the year of 1978 and dated a month after Valentine’s Day.

I never understand the reason behind White Valentine but it reminds me of white colour. The white colour is always linked to pure, clean and positive. I remember capturing a photo of a white flower in Gardens By The Bay during my last trip to Singapore. Then, without waiting, I posted on my Instagram.

Today is my bad day. I accidently absorb the negative energy due to work. I never understand why a human being so scary. Their mind is full of bad intention. I seriously not sure do I still want to stay in the corporate world. I hate this scary world. They make me feel insecure because I am not sure when these bad intentions will drop on me. I feel very demotivated suddenly.

While feeling lost and negative, this photo pop up in my mind. It reminds me to stick to my objectives. Be kind, be positive, be simple and continue creating my colourful life. Never allow the negativity pull me down.

That is why I insert the Power of Positivity quote inside the photo and it has become my Mac wallpaper.

Pure Flower Photo taken at Gardens By The Bay, Singapore.

I need to ensure negativity stay away from me. Never give up!


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