Monday Blue? (Photoblog)


Monday is always blue. Feeling very tired. Somebody told me that I am thinking too much. That is why I feel so tired. I seriously do not know what am I thinking. I am just seeking for an answer.

So after work,  I took the opportunity to share my last Saturday shooting during I am on duty. One of my tenants have organised a Carnival and he called it Carnival for the community. So, I was on duty and I manage to snap some nice photo during the carnival.

This quotation is my favourite quotation. This can be found on their Library Cafe glass panel. Yes, is a library cafe. I will love this cafe because I always love library.

So, this carnival is for the family crowd. Therefore kids activities is a must to have. So they have few counters which are doing art and craft. One of it that attract my attention is this postcard art. I love nature, I love greenery. Isn’t it beautiful.

Another art booth they have is Batik Art. Kids have the opportunity to experience batik colouring. Look at the colours. Just like my theme of 2017, “Colourful Lifestyle”.

Let’s have a wonderful time with colours and nature… They make me feel happier and relax. I seriously hope I able to be more relax and happy. The most important thing is to be MYSELF!

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