Preparing For My Big Day


I have been busy confirming various booking for my big day. I never know that wedding preparation will be so a havoc. I wanted a simple and small scale wedding dinner. However, I just realise that even a simple dinner, the preparation is massive. In addition, especially Chinese Wedding, more rules & regulations that needed to follow.

I try to remind myself to be positive because I have lots of feedback that during the preparation, both parties will have an argument and unhappy moments. That is why I choose to stay positive and calm to avoid unnecessary argument.

So, for now, I have confirmed the wedding dinner venue, pre-wedding photographer, actual day wedding photographer and videographer, emcee of the night, entertainment band of the night and also our wedding car =)

So, Every girl’s dream is to be a princess on the big day. I guess, is my turn. Never thought of walk into the bridal shop. First time seeing so many beautiful white gowns. We are suppose to have meeting’s with the photographer in the middle of March.

I always wanted to own a G-Shock watch. So, we decided to buy a pair of G-Shock for our pre-wedding shooting. Is not a couple watch, but at least is a G-Shock. The male version cost RM1,369.00 and the female version cost RM789.00. The female version is the latest edition.

Hoping that everything will goes smoothly..  행복한 결혼식

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