Photoblog – Marina Bay Mall


Today is Friday and I wanted to start off with a relaxing task.

I decided to upload a photo which I feel passionate about on my Instagram. Took this photo at Marina Bay Mall, Singapore during Christmas Eve. I am very impressed with Singapore. They might be small but they are so developed.

It makes me feel that as long as we are passionate with good intention, you still able to do a good job. I wishing my country can be like that as well. Is not going to be easy because most of them do not have the right mindset.

May everyone has a wonderful weekend. ❤️

One Day Trip at Ipoh


Finally, my event has ended with success. Was busy with Chap Goh Mei event for the whole month during the Chinese New Year. Totally have no time to update my blog.

I still wish to share my Chinese New Year activities. So, this will be throwback memory which is A Day Trip with Mommy @ Ipoh.

It was Thaipusam holiday and mommy was saying that she feels like going out and we decided to bring her to Ipoh for a day trip. Is so happy to bring her out because she hardly wants to go out.

So, the first stop when we reached Ipoh is we went to Chang Jiang White Coffee at Jalan Windsor, 30250 Ipoh, Perak. This place was recommended by mommy friend and it seems they are well known with their signature noodle. So we ordered their signature noodle, white coffee and toasted bread. We share our meal because we wanted to try out all the nice food in Ipoh.Food not bad. I love the coffee the most actually. Is nice and “kaw”. The food that stick in mind is their kaya toast. Miss the taste.

Then, we drove to the destination where we plan to go earlier which is The Concubine of Ipoh. I never heard about this place until my mommy mention to me. It seems that this place is well known and is a street full of stores selling various items. This Concubine Lane is a historic site at 14, Lorowa Panglima (Off Jalan Panglima). When we go there aren’t many stores.

However, we manage to try out some of the desserts which are “Must Try” dessert when you are there.

Our first stop, Ding Feng Teow Chew Tau Fu Fa. Is inside the Concubine Lane. First time seeing so many types of Tau Fu Fa. We ordered Sea Bird Nest Tau Fu Fa, Teow Chew Tau Fu Fa and Tau Fu Fa ginger/white. I like the Sea Bird Nest Tau Fu Fa the most.

Second stop we went Second Mama Red Bean Ice. In here, we ordered their well known Red Bean. Taste not bad. We also ordered the pudding. I don’t really favour the pudding because is too sweet. My brother feels thirsty so he ordered Ice Kacang.

After the dessert, we feel full, unable to try new food. So we went exploring the Concubine Lane. I was impressed there is 3 version of Concubine Lane. However, I love the 3rd version the most because is I able to capture nice photo there.

After visiting Concubine Lane, nothing much we can do there, so while on the way back KL, we drop by Lin Sen Tong temple @ Jalan Raja Dr Nazrin Shah for praying. Love the view of this temple.

So, mommy is satisfied with the on a day trip. Thanks to my brother too, he drove us there. Tiring, but as long as our mommy is happy, we are happy as well.

My January 2017


Time flies, January 2017 ended. 31 days of 2017 being utilised. I trying to reflect back what have I done in January 2017. Just to ensure I have fully utilised the 31 days, I have compiled all the good things that happen in January 2017 in my Kittypiggy Instragram.

There are good things and also bad things happens in January 2017. The most memorable one will be my Money Boy Boy have fully recovered from his sickness. Thank god, he still with us and able to celebrate Chinese New Year with us.

The 2nd good thing happen is I am lucky to have a wonderful and happy family. I still able to have reunion dinner or ours is usually reunion brunch with my beloved family. Of course, this reunion brunch did not go well because I have bit argument with my fiance. However, things went well thereafter. Delicious dishes prepared by mommy for praying.

The 3rd good thing is, I have new Pandora Charms for 2017 Chinese New Year and New shoe too. OK, I always remind myself that I am a lucky girl. Telling myself not to be demanding. Compare to many other people, I am considered as a lucky one. I have a stable income (for now) and I able to support myself without needed my parents to worry. So for this new year, I bought a present for myself which is this cute Pandora Lion Dance Charm. Lion dance for our tradition it means good luck. Hoping my 2017 luck will be good. In addition, I also present myself a pair of sneakers which is Adidas Floral Stan Smith.

The 4th good thing happen is receiving lots of angpau from relatives. This year will be my last year collecting angpau because I am getting married end of this year. As usual, I always remind myself how lucky I am. I have lots of relatives who loves me. Thanks for their blessing.

The 5th good thing happen is, Lou Sang day….. Once a year, this will be the best time where everyone will mix the Lou Sang and shout HUAT A!!! HUAT A!!! I bought 1 for my beloved Money boy boy too.. He needs some Pawsperity too.