Beauty of Flowers


Everybody is very busy with Chinese New Year Preparation. Same for me. I have been sleeping late for the past two weeks because I was also busy with my Chinese New Year Event which is happening on 11th February.

Feeling exhausted. Can’t wait to have the break soon. Need a deep rest.

While taking a 10 minutes break from work, I will love to share my nature photo post which I have taken in Garden By The Bay, Singapore. Love those flower inside because they look so pretty and most important is they are harmless. Fresh and colourful that makes people feel calm and happy.

Hoping my life will be as pretty as them in 2017 because that is my 2017 resolution, to have colourful lifestyle.


Wishing all Happy Chinese New Year (For those who are celebrating) & Have A Great Break! (For those who are entitle for holiday)

Chinese New Year Ambience

via Photo Challenge: Ambience


Remember my previous post I have mentioned that I love my job. Is tiring but is interesting because, after all, the hard work, the end outcome will be a difference.

Tadaa…… Oasis Piazza, Oasis Square the Chinese New Year feel~~~ I wish customer who visited Oasis Piazza will love the lights and ambience and the Chinese New Year decorations. When customer is happy, I will be happy as well. dsc00645-2




Ambience at Oasis Square

via Photo Challenge: Ambience


Have I ever tell you that actually, I love my job. My job is tiring sometimes but I love the outcome I have achieved at the end of the day.

Yes, I am working in Oasis Piazza, Oasis Square. My job is to create more awareness for Oasis Piazza and create the festive ambience for each festival. After one week plus 3 days of restless night with all my security and technician support, we manage to complete our Chinese New Year decorations.

I always believe that Oasis Piazza will be the best place for gathering because of the ambience. With water fountain and surrounded with different types of eatery restaurant, it will be a wonderful night.

This is the overall feel of Oasis Piazza, Oasis Square. Taken with my lovely Sony A5100 on 13th Jan 2017.



Preparing For Chinese New Year


I am preparing for Chinese New Year. Bought new shoes and cute Pandora charms for my 2017 year.

Loving my Adidas Stan Smith floral. I know it looks like my secondary school white shoes and I spend RM350.00 on it but I just love the floral design on it. Look so simple and nice. Can’t wait to travel with it.

I also bought the 2017 CNY charms from Pandora. I am Pandora freak of course. So this year CNY my Pandora design will be CNY charms.

So now I have so look for CNY apparel in order to match with my new lovely sneakers.Was very busy with my work. Finding a time to go for new year shopping.


Nature Reminds Me of Colours


Today is the 8th day of 2017 and I am still crafting my 2017 colourful life path. I started my 2017 with busy but enjoyable memory. 1st day of 2017, I have attended my cousin wedding dinner (bride side) right after my company Annual Dinner. Thereafter, I was busy preparing for my Chinese New Year decorations for my company retail area and also the celebration gathering for the customers.

Yesterday, I attended my cousin wedding dinner again (the groom side) and tomorrow I will have to continue with my Chinese New Year decorations and also the gathering.

Is only 8th day of 2017 and I have already participated few enjoyable event and task. This year will definitely be my colourful year as I will be also tight up with my wedding dinner too.

Nature reminds me of colours and colours reminds me of happiness. 2017, I have used up 8 days and I have another 357 days to spend. I will make sure I used it carefully and not to waste it with negativity.


Happy 2017

Time flies, today is the 4th day of 2017. The new year was hectic for me as I was busy with company annual dinner. After company annual dinner ended I got to rush back to hometown to attend my cousin wedding dinner which drops on 1st January 2017.

Begin my 2017 with all the rushing events because this whole month I will be rushing for my company Chinese New Year decorations and Chap Goh Mei’s event.

In the year 2017, I told myself to be more positive and focus on my resolutions. My 2017 resolutions are to ensure my life is filled with full colourful experience. No more gossip, no more bad temper and no more cursing. Focusing on the good thing and ignore the negativity.

So organising a Chap Goh Mei’s event will be a good start for me. Staying focus on my job and gain more confident in everything I do. Hope you guys able to support me.