Colourful Life Journey (Photoblog)

I always use this sentence “Life is Short” as a reminder. Why must we waste our life with dark colour? Why not make it colourful, so that we have a happy life.

I am a whiner person. After so many years of being grumpy, I realise that I am not going to solve any problem if I keep on behaving this way. So I choose to let go and instead of being grumpy, I learn to calm down and search for solutions.

Subsequently, I learn to ignore irritating, arrogant, bad-tempered and pretended behaviour person. Kick them out of my life in order to reduce the negative spirit in my life.

Thereafter, I start to join part time courses to learn new knowledge and make new friends.

This picture I capture in LingShan Brahma Palace, China. How I relate it to my life? In order to reach the destination, I will need to go thru a lot of levels. However, if I ensure the road path is colourful while travelling, I believe I will enjoy my journey. (^.^ )Y


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